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    Humanity is moving forward in its development. Striving for the best, everyone has set itself the target to achieve certain results of its activities, health and well-being. Upon reaching the desired moves on. Together towards improving the lives of all the prosperity of society. One of the elements to achieve positive performance is safety - living, moving, stay in the working conditions, ownership of information, material and non-material values, business.

    Engineering company "Bureau "VINK" helps not to give to chance to ensure the safety of life and activities of both the individual and the organization.
    We advise our clients on matters relating to the systems technical security and physical security, planning and carrying out the construction and renovation of the property, with the current activities of the organizations and the life of the individual. Our Bureau forms newly created concept of integrated security systems, audits and provides upgrades to existing security systems, provides information services for business safety, reduces the risk of its activity and conduct due to various security threats. In its activities, "Bureau "VINK" uses a large personal experience, the latest innovations and best practices in the security industry, takes into account national and European laws, rules and regulations. Putting before us a new business challenge, you'll get it informed decision taking into account the diverse details and requirements, at the right time.

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by Dr. Radut