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Current activities

Competencies "Bureau "VINK" in ongoing activities of organizations and privat persons are:

1. The development, implementation and maintenance of the safety concept of the company;

2. Advising on the implementation of projects in the field of security of the organization;

3. Audit of the organization's security;

4. The organization and conduct of official investigations into the disclosure of information, loss of documents and other security breaches of the organization;

5. The organization of the "internal control";

6. Security analysis of the company in terms of risk exposure;

7. Development of regulatory and methodological framework of security;

8. Advising on the implementation of necessary security equipment;

9. Training of security staff and security;

10. Training for staff security organization;

11. Advice on upgrading the security of the organization;

12. Training of security staff and security in the use of new techniques and equipment to ensure safety.

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Article | by Dr. Radut